What is Analytic City?

Analytic City is a Daily Fantasy Sports Tools/Projections company founded out of frustration with the current state of fantasy sports analytics. If you aren't a data science major, you have one of two options, pay an arm and a leg for access to advanced statistics, or spend hours trying to compute your own and fall behind. Daily Fantasy Sports is already hard enough to win at without having to overcome $50+ a month fees you might be paying for other services.  

That's where we come in - with one analytics junkie and one sports junkie, we pull together the hundreds of thousands of statistics that these complicated analyses require, and produce easily accessible and understandable data, DFS lineup optimizers, tools and player projections. We feel confident in saying that no other company in the industry provides the same level of DFS tools at such an affordable price. We are committed to keeping every single-sport membership under $10/month.

So far we have provided:

- NFL Fantasy Football Tools!

- A daily AC+ NBA DFS newsletter, which includes our customizable lineup optimizer, full player projections for every single main slate of NBA games and more.


- A daily free NBA DFS newsletter, with daily writeups & more.

- A free NBA blog.

- A daily AC+ MLB DFS newsletterwhich includes our top of the line lineup optimizer, full player projections for every single main slate of MLB games and more.

- Opportunities to get involved with Monkey Knife Fight through our new partnership, the fastest growing DFS site in the world!

Read more about our current membership plans here!

Looking at our first blog post can start to give you a sense of just what it is we do! In the post we examine the relationship between players who shoot a lot of threes and a high percentage by correlating thousands of data points and presenting them in a visually appealing graph. Is there a correlation between the two? Who are some of the outliers in this trend and what does that say about those guys? To find out, check out our first blog post "Who's Letting it Fly?"

Alright, that’s all for now. Go explore our website, dive into our DFS newsletters/blog, and get excited for more content coming soon!