Hot Takes

Some go well. Some go not so well. But, there's nowhere for us to hide, because below is an archive of all of the hot takes we have ever made in any one of our articles. 

Each take has a heat rating from 1-5. The hotter the take, the higher the rating. The rating is indicated by the number of  next to it.

The takes are listed in reverse chronological order (the most recent take appearing first), with the date the take was made alongside it. You can click the name of any of our hot takes to take yourself to the blog the take was made on and read more about the reasoning behind it.

Playoffs 2020/2021:

May 26th: The Brooklyn Nets will win the 2020-2021 NBA Championship. 

May 22nd: Westbrook and Beal both shoot below 45% from the field against the Sixers  ... ✖️ 

May 22nd: Trae Young shoots worse than 40% from the field and worse than 30% from three.      ... ✖️

May 22nd: The Heat will beat the Bucks    ... ✖️

May 22nd: The Nets will sweep the Celtics, winning each games by 5+ points.    ... ✖️

May 22nd: An injured Donovan Mitchell averages 28+ppg against the Grizzlies    ... 

May 22nd: Kawhi Leonard averages 30+ ppg against the Mavericks    ... 

May 22nd: Damian Lillard averages more than 13 3 point attempts per game against the Nuggets    ... 

May 22nd: Suns beat the Lakers in 6 or fewer games     ... 

Regular Season 2020/2021:

Jan 21st: James Harden leads the NBA in assists in 2020-21 with 11+ per game.  ...✖️

Jan 31st: Jaylen Brown makes an All-NBA 1st or 2nd team in 2020-21. ...✖️

Feb 10th: Matisse Thybulle will make Defensive First Team next year.      

Feb 10th: Talen Horton-Tucker will be an NBA all star      

Feb 26th: Jarrett Allen Makes 1st or 2nd team all defense in 2021-22.

Apr 4th: Trae Young makes an All-NBA team 2021-2022