Analytic City Plus Member Contest

Welcome to the First Ever AC Plus Member Contest! 

Compete for your chance to win a FREE LIFETIME AC+ NBA Membership! 


1. The contest will be a $1 entry DraftKings Main Slate NBA contest each night, with the top 25% of entries being paid out. 

2. The link to each nights contest will be posted in the member exclusive daily AC+ NBA Newsletter. You must be a member to compete!

3. The standings will be updated here daily. A first place finish counts for 3 points, second place for 2 points, and third place for 1 point. 

4. The contest will run for a full week, ending on April 1st! 

5. If two (or more) members tie for 1st place, the user with the highest score in any contest will win the free lifetime AC+ NBA membership!

Current Standings

 DK Username Total Points Highest Score
BreakinTheBank 9 364.75
nupenupemuhsucka 8 359.25
Tristan214 7 357.00
Zaygarcia 6 300.75
Menace416 4 340.25
dt2224 2 340.00
Davidb8 2 336.25
Crowncasey 2 328.00
JonnyRank 2 329.50
Daze1ny 1 350.25
JumpinJeffFarmer 1 326.25
AtomicCity42 1 285.00