An Introduction to $ Per Point - NBA DFS Strategy

Projected $/PT

Projected dollars per point is one of the best measures of player value on any given night, but what is it? It’s is a measure of the number of dollars you expect to spend per point given a player's projected points. For example, if I am projected Lebron to score 50 points, and he is priced at $10,000, then his projected $/PT is 200. For each point I am expecting him to score, I am giving up 200 dollars.

$10,000 / 50 points = 200. 

 What is a “Good” $/PT

The average historical $/PT value among the top 50 players on any given night differs between DraftKings and Fanduel and night to night. But for reference, it tends to be ~200 on Draftkings, and ~215 on Fanduel. The best way to know if a player is a high value play on any given night is to compare his projected $/point to that of other players. Players with the lowest proj. $/PT (the guys you expect to spend the fewest $ for each point) are the high value plays!

If you want to see projected $/Pt values for every player on an NBA night's main slate, we provide a full list in our downloadable datasheet at the bottom of our DFS newsletter, which you can find Here.

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