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Fantasy Football Interactive QB Impact Tool

Our Completely FREE Fantasy Football Interactive QB Impact Tool allows users to: search and compare a team's new QB to their old QB using our unique QB profiles, plug in a new QB and see his receiving options along with a plethora of data, receive an overall fantasy outlook for the receiving options based on their new QB.

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An Argument For Drafting Tight Ends in The First Round of Fantasy Drafts

Who should I take with my first round draft pick? What position is the most consistent and reliable? What position has the most depth? These are questions every fantasy manager considers prior to draft season, and questions we will be taking a detailed look at in the first edition of our NFL DFS Analytics series! For our first article, we examined how the top fantasy picks in each position (QB, RB, WR, TE, D/ST, K) have performed throughout the past 5 NFL seasons. We compiled average draft positions (ADP) for every player from 5 different fantasy football sites (ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, FFC, and Fantrax), and we compared how those initial draft positions lined up with the final fantasy football player performance at...

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