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Get These Guys Some Burn; Ranking the NBA’s Best Players Under 20mpg

I have to be honest. This might be the most excited I’ve been to write an article for Analytic City. In this blog post, I’ll be highlighting 5 guys and ranking them based on who I would want moving forward. That is, if I’m starting a franchise and have to start it with guys who have fewer than 20 MPG, who am I rocking with?

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Jaylen’s Extraordinary Growth

The underappreciation of Jaylen Brown has gotten out of control. Despite his impressive playoff run and exceptional 2-way play last season, as well as his position at #8 on ppg scoring this year, he still lives in Jayson Tatum’s shadow in the eyes of many basketball talking heads and analysts. I’m here to tell you not only why this lack of recognition is unfair, but why he is the best player on the Celtics and will make an All NBA 1st or 2nd Team this year.

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HARD(en) to Coexist?

Rumors had been swirling since the offseason about Harden’s future with the Rockets. Their unconventional strategy, although fun to watch, clearly did not work come playoff time. With a new coach and GM, Harden expressed his uncertainty with the team and his desire to be traded. Now, he gets to start fresh in Brooklyn...

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